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Our Story

Studio.J is about design alchemy. We believe in making magic for brands.

As the bridge between design, the brand and the business of it, we blend multiple design disciplines, strategies and technology to bring you experiential design at its very best.

We design spaces that sell an experience, a mind-set and a feeling. As a sought-after design partner, we excel at original, inspiring solutions that accurately communicate the values of a brand to the consumer.


Our logo, the blue jay reflects our identity.
It is a call to creative intelligence. A call to crafting ideas that spread far and wide.
A call to being highly adaptable while staying true to our maverick and trendsetting ways.
The bird embodies the qualities of energy and enthusiasm that Studio.J embodies. The blue jay is a bird known for being fearless, resourceful and discovering new paths to explore. A quick learner endowed with sharp intelligence, it is also known for its patience and fortitude. The crest of the bird is a powerful reminder of Studio.J’s mastery in every project that it undertakes.

About The Founder

Jenny Andrews is a multiple award-winning experiential designer. But really, she is a vision igniter. The founder and chief creative lead at Studio J, Jenny is excellent at flawlessly executing innovative and pioneering design ideas. Having devoted most of her life to mastering and leading design projects in the world of retail design, visual merchandising, architecture and corporate and interior design, she is adept at developing award-winning design concepts for clients. Besides partnering with brands such as Lee, Kurl-on, Tanishq and Enamor as strategic design consultants, this self-taught designer has developed hugely successful concepts in retail design and visual merchandising for a host of other brands such as The Square- Café Coffee Day, Puma, Harshas, Blue Stone, Voylla, Malabar Gold and many more.

When you work with her, you can expect inspired creativity, an in-depth understanding of various design ideologies and a strong commitment to the economic and strategic value of her design. Besides, you will surely be surprised and delighted by her legendary people skills, be it with clients, consultants, suppliers, vendors or project managers. As a sought-after experiential designer, Jenny Andrews has ensured that Studio J has already made a place for itself on India’s design map. When she’s not following up on one her experimental ideas, you can find her sweating it out at the gym, plotting her next beach holiday and spending time with her husband and two kids.

What We Do

Our expertise lies in creating seamless brand, product and retail experiences. With a track record of creating exquisite design concepts for a host of reputed brands, we are rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after design studios in India. We convert walk-byes into happy customers who linger, buy and keep coming back to your store.

Retail Design

Whether it is a small, bespoke space or a massive mass market store, Studio.J’s versatile team of multi-talented creatives specialize in developing the kind of retail environments that make for a memorable customer experiences while also raking in profits for the business. Our innovative ideas and designs ensure that your brand stays relevant in today’s highly competitive retail market, while engaging the customer and ensuring brand recall.

Visual Merchandising

We specialize in a play of senses that draw people irresistibly into your store. Using show-stopping window displays that convey the ethos of the brand, we create poetry by melding together diverse design elements that speak volumes.

Experiential Design

We design taking into account all nuances of the space and the experiences that are meant to occur within them. Whether the aim is to encourage interaction and collaboration, or designed immersion or even meant to draw a large footfall, we turn vison into reality. We believe that everyone deserves to live in a space that brings them joy, one that reflects who they are and all that is important to them.

Point of sale & Purchase

Our engaging design views the sales floor as a dynamic entity that constantly inspires and energies customers. Our understanding of shopper behavior enables us to deliver intelligent design solutions that bring a brand to life.

Digital Integration

Retailers have to realize that they constantly need to evolve and innovate so shoppers’ paths to purchase are as frictionless as possible. Ease of shopping should however also merge with making this experience unique and delightful. With the progress that the Indian market is making towards immersive technology and virtual reality, this clearly looks like the next big thing. Giving your potential customers an opportunity to interact with the virtual product with the help of a combination with physical environments or props, to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations, simulate their interest in the brand to another level. And Studio.J is an able partner to guide you through this process of innovation and technological development.

In-Store Communication

We offer creative solutions that engage and connect your brand with your target audiences. With the help of brand enhancing in-store graphics, directional signage, call-outs we create a story inside your store that leaves the customer engaged effectively, transporting them into a visual paradise that leaves then enthralled.

PMC & Services Design

We handle all phases of building your dream business, from design to execution. Working with the motto “time is money”, each project we handle is completed within a pre decided time frame. We understand the business needs to be sustainable for the client, and take every effort to make the design commercially profitable in every sense of the word.

Furniture Design

Every furniture is like a piece of art, designed to store memories and create joyful experiences. Whether it is a comfortable furniture for your home or a premium addition to your work space, each has a story. We expertise in designing this amalgamation of functionality and design for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

Our Process

Design is a way of thinking. It uses brand vision and identity as a compass to create differentiated value and experiences that customers love and choose time and time again. It considers how products, displays, space and store design, communication and identity plays a role in the customer journey.

The result: customer experiences that are memorable, meaningful and deliver effective results.

We at Studio.J unite every aspect of the brand’s design to create impactful experiential design and customer experiences that deliver incredible value and business results.

  • Research
  • Innovate
  • Design
  • Deliver

Meet The Team

Our expertise lies in creating seamless brand, product and retail experiences. With a track record of creating exquisite design concepts for a host of reputed brands, we are rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after design studios in India. We convert walk-byes into happy customers who linger, buy and keep coming back to your store.

Our Work

Happy clients are the best advertising money can’t buy. Your success is our goal.

The Clients



We love creativity in any form. Whether you are a retail designer, architect or visual merchandiser, if new ideas and innovations excite you, send us your portfolio and we will get back to you.

For job application and internship opportunities, mail us at

Kindly note that the size of attachment should not exceed 10MB.

Contact Us

Let’s make it happen. Follow us on social media, visit us at our studio or grab a coffee with us for a brainstorming session to convert the perceived into reality.


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